The Beginning

My dad was a banker, my mom a homemaker.  Dad died of an aneurysm the morning after I graduated high school.  His will left everything in a trust for mom’s benefit, with the bank as trustee.  She was devastated over his loss, but also felt powerless, in part, because of the way dad structured things.  He meant well and just wanted to take care of her, but it had the opposite effect.  It would be years before she managed to come to terms with things.

I went on to college and played a little college golf, but soon realized I wasn’t good enough to make a career in the game.   So I went to law school with the hope that I could help people avoid what happened to my mom.

Thirty plus years later, I have learned a lot about trusts, estates and income taxes.  But more importantly I have learned how these areas of the law impact people.  My hope in starting this blog is to share a little bit of what I have learned over the course of my legal career.  And while I am at it I may have a thing or two to say about golf.


About Grady Dickens

I created this blog to comment on items of current interest regarding trusts, estate planning, charitable planning and tax law, and share my knowledge and over thirty years of experience as an attorney practicing in Dallas, Texas.