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Estate Planning is Like Golf

I was recently at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, a great golfing experience.  I have been there a few times, and every time the course and the weather present unique challenges.  This time I was hit with cold, high wind and rain.  I thought of my practice and the many issues that I face, often being hit from several different sides-tax considerations, charitable desires, economic realities or fears about the future and how to treat different children fairly.  Those complexities make a particularly good golf analogy to the situation to which I was confronted on the 15th tee of Pacific Dunes-brutal wind into me but a bit from the left as well, pot bunkers to the right and left of me and gorse to the left of me.  The solution is to stay steady and level, advice that holds for both estate planning and golf.  We often want to lean forward and move faster, but that is only going to send us into the weeds.

About Grady Dickens

I created this blog to comment on items of current interest regarding trusts, estate planning, charitable planning and tax law, and share my knowledge and over thirty years of experience as an attorney practicing in Dallas, Texas.